ICM Airport Technics Introduces Auto Bag Drop Hybrid Unit

The world’s most proven self-service bag drop solution just got better. ICM Airport Technics launches its newest Auto Bag Drop Hybrid solution.

Auto Bag Drop HybridICM’s Auto Bag Drop (ABD) Hybrid provides the best of both worlds, with a bag drop that can operate in fully unassisted self-service mode or assisted mode with a fully equipped CUTE (Common User Terminal Equipment) check-in desk.

The CUTE mode allows the check-in agent to operate and process passenger’s baggage drop-off the same as they do on a traditional check-in desk.

Once switched to the unassisted mode, which runs ICM’s CUSS (Common User Self Service) platform, there is no need for an agent and passengers can perform the bag drop off completely unassisted.

“The ABD Hybrid is designed to provide Airports and Airlines the flexibility to deploy a solution that can operate in assisted mode with CUTE and easily switch to unassisted mode for CUSS operations.” said Richard Dinkelmann, Managing Director of ICM Airport Technics Australia. “There is a large demand for this flexibility with common use airports. And ICM is ready to deploy these Hybrid units with the first installation happening at a large European airport.”

ABD Hybrid Components

With the agent area adjacent to the side loading passenger area, there is no barrier between the agent and the passenger which enables an efficient and customer centric service. The design allows for various types of CUTE equipment to be housed in a secure cabinet. The angled desk allows space for both the agent and passenger in either mode.


ICM at ACI World Annual General Assembly- Conference & Exhibition in Korea

ICM participated with ARINC at the annual conference and exhibition in Korea on 24-26 May 2014. We had a live Auto Bag Drop on display where we demonstrated the lasted self-service bag drop technology.

The ARINC stand demonstrated a complete end-to-end process for self-service check-in and boarding.

ICM Launches Auto Bag Drop Hybrid

The world’s most proven self-service bag drop solution just got better.

ABD Hybrid

Introducing the Auto Bag Drop Hybrid solution that can easily switch from Unassisted to Assisted mode with a full CUTE solution built in.

Airports and Airlines now have the full flexibility to deploy a solution that meets today’s and tomorrow’s requirements, with the ability to reduce costs and improve passenger experience.

The Auto Bag Drop Hybrid series provides additional functionality for Agent Assisted tasks to cater for International airport requirements, with the addition of an Agent Station, to allow assisted Check-in and Bag Drop.
The unit can operate in three modes:

  • Self-service Bag Drop
  • Agent-assisted self-service Bag Drop
  • Agent operated Check-in and/or Bag Drop (full service)

International terminals are likely to require this model to provide for manual visa checks.

Tigerair has gone live in Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport has installed 4 Auto Bag Drop units in Terminal 4 for Tigerair.
This installation is a great success with passengers now able to use unassisted self service to drop off their bags.
Tigerair Auto Bag Drops in Melbourne Airport

ICM Exhibited at FTE London

ICM had a stand at FTE Europe conference held in London on 3-5 March 2014. The event was an overwhelming success which attracted over 400 senior travel industry executives from over 35 countries.
ICM Stand at FTE London 2014

Sydney International Airport

Sydney Airport has installed four Auto Bag Drop units in it’s international terminal 1. These are Common Use Self Service (CUSS) units currently used by Qantas international passengers.
These are the first CUSS units in operation in Australia and are proving a great success. Passengers can now drop off their hold baggage for their international flight completely unassisted. Processing times are improved and with passengers feeling in control the whole experience is improved.

ICM Auto Bag Drop Series 1

Qantas has installed ICM’s latest Auto Bag Drop model, the Series 1. This Series can be retrofitted onto existing conveyors and desks. In tis case it was retrofitted onto the  oversize belt at Perth Airport.


ICM Exhibiting at FTE Asia

ICM at FTE Asia Hong Kong

ICM Airport Technics will be exhibiting at Future Travel Experience to be held 7-9 May 2013 at Hong Kong Asia World Expo. At FTE Asia we will be demonstrating our newest Auto Bag Drop series, as well as presenting our Common User Self-Serve (CUSS) platform solutions. Come and visit us at Booth #22.


London Gatwick Airport selects ICM Auto Bag Drop to Trial

ICM Airport Technics has been selected by Gatwick Airport to trial self-service bag drops with British Airways.

Gatwick Airport Auto Bag Drop

The Auto Bag Drop solution allows passengers to drop off their own bags without the assistance of an agent. The Auto Bag Drop unit will automatically check baggage weight and size allowances, print a heavy bag tag if necessary, check for non-conveyable and multiple bags, and securely induct the bag into the baggage handling system. The user-friendly and fast solution now in use in 8 other airport terminals has proven to be a real hit with London Gatwick and British Airways.

Gatwick Airport has been very pleased with the positive feedback to the innovative Auto Bag Drop. This project is part of an overall programme which is tasked with transforming the complete end to end passenger journey. The objectives of the programme are to improve the passenger’s travel experience and help reduce unnecessary operational costs to the airport. Providing an improved customer experience for dropping off their baggage is a key component to this programme.

“We are very excited to be working with the Gatwick Airport and again with British Airways to provide a world class Auto Bag Drop solution for passengers at Gatwick Northern Terminal. Our Auto Bag Drop solution has been designed around not only being a fast process but improving the customer experience.” said Michael Sanderson, Managing Director of ICM Airport Technics UK.

ICM provided a turnkey solution for the hardware, software and support services to ensure a speedy and cost effective solution.