ICM Airport Technics Introduces Auto Bag Drop Hybrid Unit

The world’s most proven self-service bag drop solution just got better. ICM Airport Technics launches its newest Auto Bag Drop Hybrid solution.

Auto Bag Drop HybridICM’s Auto Bag Drop (ABD) Hybrid provides the best of both worlds, with a bag drop that can operate in fully unassisted self-service mode or assisted mode with a fully equipped CUTE (Common User Terminal Equipment) check-in desk.

The CUTE mode allows the check-in agent to operate and process passenger’s baggage drop-off the same as they do on a traditional check-in desk.

Once switched to the unassisted mode, which runs ICM’s CUSS (Common User Self Service) platform, there is no need for an agent and passengers can perform the bag drop off completely unassisted.

“The ABD Hybrid is designed to provide Airports and Airlines the flexibility to deploy a solution that can operate in assisted mode with CUTE and easily switch to unassisted mode for CUSS operations.” said Richard Dinkelmann, Managing Director of ICM Airport Technics Australia. “There is a large demand for this flexibility with common use airports. And ICM is ready to deploy these Hybrid units with the first installation happening at a large European airport.”

ABD Hybrid Components

With the agent area adjacent to the side loading passenger area, there is no barrier between the agent and the passenger which enables an efficient and customer centric service. The design allows for various types of CUTE equipment to be housed in a secure cabinet. The angled desk allows space for both the agent and passenger in either mode.


London Gatwick Airport selects ICM Auto Bag Drop to Trial

ICM Airport Technics has been selected by Gatwick Airport to trial self-service bag drops with British Airways.

Gatwick Airport Auto Bag Drop

The Auto Bag Drop solution allows passengers to drop off their own bags without the assistance of an agent. The Auto Bag Drop unit will automatically check baggage weight and size allowances, print a heavy bag tag if necessary, check for non-conveyable and multiple bags, and securely induct the bag into the baggage handling system. The user-friendly and fast solution now in use in 8 other airport terminals has proven to be a real hit with London Gatwick and British Airways.

Gatwick Airport has been very pleased with the positive feedback to the innovative Auto Bag Drop. This project is part of an overall programme which is tasked with transforming the complete end to end passenger journey. The objectives of the programme are to improve the passenger’s travel experience and help reduce unnecessary operational costs to the airport. Providing an improved customer experience for dropping off their baggage is a key component to this programme.

“We are very excited to be working with the Gatwick Airport and again with British Airways to provide a world class Auto Bag Drop solution for passengers at Gatwick Northern Terminal. Our Auto Bag Drop solution has been designed around not only being a fast process but improving the customer experience.” said Michael Sanderson, Managing Director of ICM Airport Technics UK.

ICM provided a turnkey solution for the hardware, software and support services to ensure a speedy and cost effective solution.

Heathrow unveils new technology to make journeys better

Innovative check-in technology to streamline passenger journeys was unveiled last night by Heathrow and Qantas in a joint trial at Terminal 3.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Auto Bag Drop

The ‘self-service bag drop’ process enables passengers to check in at the kiosk, generate and attach their own bag tags before placing their luggage onto the automated bag drop facility. Expected to be particularly popular with the over 30 million business travellers passing through Heathrow each year, this technology provides a unique level of control for those passengers looking to opt for more efficient ways of improving their travel experience.

During the trial, which began on the 31st October, member of staff will be there to support passengers throughout their check-in and bag drop process while Qantas will continue to provide  alternative check in options.

Phyllis Tarrant and Anita Leckenby flying to Sydney were the first passengers to use the facility and were given shopping vouchers as well as having their seats upgraded.

After cutting the ceremonial ribbon, Anita said: “The self service bag drop is a brilliant idea, it will make checking in so much easier, I’m looking forward to have more time to do some shopping.”

Of the trial, Heathrow’s Terminal 3 Director Kathryn Leahy, said: ‘This is an important step on our ongoing journey to provide the latest in travel technology to our passengers at Heathrow. We know our passengers are quick to adopt new technology and embrace the idea of having more control over their travel experience.’

Eric Jelinek, Regional General Manager for Qantas UK/I, commented “We are pleased to be able to offer our customers this new self-service bag drop system at Heathrow airport. The addition will further streamline the check-in process for passengers and at the same time help to ease congestion during busy periods.. At Qantas Airways we remain committed to providing our passengers with a premium level of service, with other offerings such as online check-in and seat selection helping to make travel more enjoyable.”

The trial is being closely assessed throughout to gauge passenger satisfaction.

Heathrow Airport live with ICM Auto Bag Drop

Heathrow Airport launched the ICM Auto Bag Drop (ABD) into the live operational environment in Terminal 3.

The first participating airline is Qantas Airways with British Airways scheduled to start live operations before the end of November 2012. For this live trial, a dual ABD has been installed, as can be seen below.

Figure 1 – First Qantas Passenger using the common-use ICM Auto Bag Drop in Heathrow T3

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