Qantas Endorsement of ICM Australia and the Auto Bag Drop (ABD)

Below is a copy of a letter from Gabriella D’Alessandro, Head of IT, QA Domestic and Operations, Qantas Airways Limited, dated 20 July 2012.

It gives me great pleasure to provide a reference for ICM Australia, our Service Partners in faster, smarter, check-in Auto Bag Drop product (ABD). The ABD was the transformational product in this program of work. In providing this reference thought it would be best to talk about ICM the company and then ABD the product.

ICM Australia, the company

ICM was responsible for the development, roll-out and now has a Support responsibility to ensure the availability of the ABDs in operation for Qantas Australia, in our 6 major ports. In this partnership they have proved to be

  • Capable – they developed and produced the ABD solution in extremely tight timescales – 10 months from first instruction to live bags processed in production in July 2010
  • Innovative – continuously bringing practical ideas for improvement to the table. This is on-going during the operational phase.
  • Reliable – they met all commitments made on the project – time, budget and technical. 80 bag drops were rolled out across Australia without any delays.
  • Flexible and adaptable – they respond very well to client’s changing requirements, and in most cases went above and beyond
  • Attention to detail – all details are looked after by ICM. From technical, to regulatory certification, including leading integration discussions with our other service partners
  • Professional – good inter-personal relationships & handling of multiple stakeholders

In short, ICM exceeded expectations in all aspects of project execution and continue to be a pleasure to work with.

ICM won the tender for the trial in London Heathrow for BA & Qantas, and they have impressed us with

  • Knowledge – their knowledge has assisted immensely to move the project forward.
  • Their superior product, suited to the multi-airline, international environment.

Auto Bag Drop (ABD), the product

  • World class solution, which has proven itself in the 2 years since first operation.
  • Highly reliable, with the Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) being continuously improved. MTBF is currently > 100 days.
  • Ready for domestic and international markets
  • Largest installed base (80) anywhere in the world
  • Highest number of bags processed – 9 million