Auto Bag Drop

There are two ranges of Auto Bag Drops catering for a range of airport infrastructure and airline functionality requirements.

ICM Auto Bag Drop Series 1 & 3

This series provides flexibility for retrofitting into existing check-infrastructure along with flexibility in choosing optional devices. The Series 3 can incorporate additional detection devices for a more secure process.

ICM Auto Bag Drop Series 5 & 7

This series goes the extra step by providing for a fully automatic process incorporating high security and safety features. It is designed to be a complete replacement of traditional check-in counters.

Upgradeability and Future Proofing

ICM has designed our new series of bag drops with upgradeability in mind. Use of standard industry components that are readily available also enables ICM to cost effectively source spare parts at competitive prices.

ICM recognises that certain parts used in the Auto Bag Drop may become obsolete during the expected 8+ year operational life cycle of the Product.

The key to sustainable operations during the entire product life cycle include:

  • Select parts which are ‘industry standards’ from reputable suppliers, and thus have a lower risk of becoming obsolete during the expected operational life.
  • Perform a regular risk analysis – once every year – of parts which have a high probability of becoming obsolete in the foreseeable future.
  • To reduce environmental impact during decommissioning and disposal, it is important to select parts and materials which are environmentally friendly.