Our Experience

ICM has extensive experience of implementing self-service bag drop solutions covering both domestic and international requirements in dedicated or common use environments. We bring to the table;

  • A superior Auto Bag Drop (ABD) product. Over 100 ABDs are in operation in over 10 airport terminals worldwide. To date, over 20 million bags have been processed through these ABDs.
  • Exceptional take-up by the passengers and excellent passenger feedback.
  • Extensive knowledge on the End-to-End process from passenger check-in (kiosk, on-line, mobile phone) through to loading bags onto aircraft.
  • A team of highly knowledgeable development engineers who are currently developing on-going enhancements to the ABD. Our continuous improvement program is on-going. Our core engineering team from the start of the Qantas ABD project (Oct. 2009) remains intact and has been expanded.
  • Fully operational 24/7 remote support infrastructure and support personnel is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the ABDs in the field. As a result, our Auto Bag Drop support staff have in-depth technical knowledge of the product and surrounding systems.

Continuous Improvement Program

Subsequent to the roll-out of the first Qantas Auto Bag Drops back in July 2010, a formal feedback system has been in place resulting in continuous improvements and streamlining. The result is an even better customer experience and more sophisticated tools and reporting for management and support teams.

Knowledge Base

ICM is in a knowledgeable position to help guide the implementation of self-service bag drops to ensure a successful deployment in the shortest possible time. We have found solutions to problems in areas where many of our competitors don’t know that problems exist. This can be attributed to the following:

  • The ICM product is specifically focused on a 2-stage process, but is configurable to a 1-stage process.
  • Over 100 operational Auto Bag Drops in the field, in both dedicated and common-user terminals.
  • The product has processed over 20 million bags. We capture volumes of statistics that allow us to drill down to the performance of individual sensors. This information is fed back to our continuous improvement program.
  • Remote 24/7 support with pro-active SCADA systems. Problems in the field are often identified, analysed and rectified before the airport or agent is aware of a problem. This pro-active approach to support allows us to trouble-shoot problems live, while the problems are unfolding. The result is that the problem is more accurately understood for feedback to our continuous improvement program.