Heathrow Airport selects ICMs’ Self Service Bag Drop

Heathrow Point West Offsite Trial

ICM Airport Technics has been awarded a tender by Heathrow Airport Ltd to install Self Service Bag Drop trial units at Heathrow Airport. An off-site trial unit of the system has been installed since the beginning of March 2012.

The aim is to demonstrate the system and provide confidence to airlines and their stakeholders as well as Heathrow’s operators prior to preparing for the on-site trial units which are scheduled for installation during the second half of 2012.

By scanning a boarding card, the system will display the menu of the respective airline on the touch screen. Once the passenger confirms boarding details, the luggage is placed on the conveyor belt, where a check of the bag size and weight is carried out.

If the bag exceeds the permissible luggage limit, the system presents the passenger with the option of either repacking or paying an additional charge, with the surcharge also calculated and charged directly at the self-service terminal Finally, the conveyor belt will then transport the bag to the airport’s internal baggage handling facility.

ICM has already delivered a successful. roll-out of 80 Auto Bag Drop systems for Qantas Airlines in six airports across Australia.