Qantas hits 1 millionth bag at Sydney International AND goes live at Changi

Sydney International Airport last month saw their 1 millionth bag successfully checked-in by a passenger using ICM’s Series 7 self-service Auto Bag Drop units.

There are 16 Auto Bag Drop units in operation at Sydney T1 International. 12 of those are completely self-service, whilst an additional 4 are Hybrid units – meaning they can be operated in either self-service or agent mode. In addition to these bag drop units, there are also 36 check-in kiosks available using ICM’s software.

ICM’s Auto Bag Drop units at Changi Airport Terminal 1

All 16 Auto Bag Drop units at Sydney T1 International are available exclusively for Qantas international passengers.

This is an amazing achievement considering that it was only in March 2018 that the first 12 Auto Bag Drop units went live for Qantas, with the additional 4 units following suit two months later.

This month Qantas also went live with ICM’s Auto Bag Drop units at Changi Airport. 

Qantas are now operating ICM’s Auto Bag Drop technology at 10 locations worldwide, with over 120 operational bag drop units and a total of almost 50 million bags processed since 2010.

ICM is very proud to be Qantas’ chosen self-service bag drop provider.