Delta Air Lines Auto Bag Drop units successfully go-live and make headlines in the USA

Coverage from Kare 11

[00:00:00] Debuting the nation’s first biometric self-service bag drop right here in the Twin Cities. Carol Evans John Croman was out at MSP today to see exactly how it works and how it’s going.

[00:00:13] Most of the waiting game is about getting bags on a plane.

[00:00:17] When you look at any bag drop line you have a lot of people who don’t really need a lot of help they just need to drop a bag.

[00:00:22] So Delta is testing a new self-service backdrop system at MSP that expedites the process using facial recognition technology.

[00:00:30] So I’m going to go ahead and tag you start at a kiosk where you print your own baggage tag. Then you move onto the biometric do it yourself bag drop.

[00:00:39] So first I scanned my boarding pass. It’s going to ask for my passport.

[00:00:42] The machine can scan a passport or driver’s license but a passport requires no human assistance.

[00:00:48] So now it’s going to ask for me to look into the camera.

[00:00:50] The optical scan of Rick’s face will be instantly checked against a digital image pulled from his passport.

[00:00:56] And it said yes that’s who I am. Weigh the bag and took the bag.

[00:01:01] Of course we don’t always look like we did when we got a passport or a license.

[00:01:04] When there’s a biometric algorithm that takes you know the distance between your eyes the distance from your ears and the ratios of all of those points on your face. Does the match.

[00:01:14] Delta customers seem to warm up to the system pretty quickly.

[00:01:17] Yes. I love this it’s quick and easy and fast and it’s great.

[00:01:22] And as people move to the biometric bag drop it’ll free up Delta agents to help customers with more complicated issues.

[00:01:29] And we really want to move towards solutions with technology and innovation that allow our employees to get out from behind the counter not processing transactions but adding to the customer experience.

[00:01:42] As for privacy the facial scan is for that point in time. They’re not stored.

[00:01:47] So Minnesota is kind of the guinea pig for this new system but if it works well here we can expect to see Delta implement it at other airports around the nation. From MSP I’m John Coleman