State-of-the-art Auto Bag Drop units now at Wellington Airport

Wellington passengers travelling internationally are now able to check-in their luggage using state-of-the-art technology with seven new Auto Bag Drop units now operational at Wellington Airport.

The units will match a facial scan with a passenger’s passport details, simultaneously checking a bag’s size and weight, processing a bag in a matter of seconds. In other airports, the units have reduced check-in queues by more than 20 minutes and vastly improved the accuracy of the check-in process.

Developed by Sydney based organisation ICM Airport Technics, the units are currently available for Qantas and Singapore Airlines’ international passengers.

Wellington Airport General Manager Aeronautical Operations Ayolt Wiertsema says the technology will streamline the check-in process for travellers: “Last year, we installed self-check-in kiosks for Qantas and Singapore Airlines passengers. These units build on that and are part of our focus to give passengers more control over the check-in process.”

Richard Dinkelmann, Chief Executive Officer of ICM, says: “We’re excited to be expanding this world-class technology in New Zealand and confident that our products and solutions will deliver exceptional benefits to the airport, the airlines and passengers.”

Wellington Airport will be the second airport in New Zealand to install ICM’s Auto Bag Drop units, with Air New Zealand operating the units in Auckland Airport’s international terminal since 2015.


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Anna Farah – Marketing Executive – ICM Airport Technics
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About ICM Airport Technics, an Amadeus company
ICM Airport Technics, is the global leader in self-service baggage solutions, and inventor of the self-service Auto Bag Drop units used by the world’s best airport terminals. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the UK, France, Singapore, Japan and the USA, ICM Airport Technics uses innovative technology to help airlines and airports enhance the passenger experience, whilst also improving their efficiency. As of today’s date, ICM Airport Technics has sold over 1060 Auto Bag Drop units for use in 39 airport terminals across the world, and have processed more than 77 million bags.