Successful Auto Bag Drop goes live at Munich Airport T1

Earlier this year, Munich Airport confirmed that two of ICM’s next generation Series 7 Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units would be installed for trial at Terminal 1. German airline TUIfly began the trial in July and has now been running successfully for three months.

The trial aims to greatly reduce the dreaded check-in queues and enhance the overall passenger experience bringing the same ICM technology to Munich Airport that is enjoyed by numerous leading airports worldwide.

With many of the world’s large airports adopting self-service technology to create a fast and seamless check-in experience, traditional check-in desks are becoming a thing of the past.

The ABD machines integrate cutting-edge 3D bag scanning technology with an ergonomically friendly design. They ensure real time safety and security, with around the clock monitoring provided by ICM’s support team.  The new ABD units are also future proof with the ability for face-to-passport biometric scanning technology to be fitted.

Munich Airport’s T1 ABD trial coincides with a similar trial taking place in the US with Delta Airlines at Minneapolis St Paul Airport where ICM’s biometrically equipped Series 7 units have been successfully used since June. Both trials come ahead of the highly-anticipated opening of Singapore Changi Airport’s brand-new Terminal 4, where 50 of ICM’s ABD units will commence full operations on 31st October.

“It is great to see Munich and TUIfly’s passengers using our self-service bag drop units to enhance the check-in process and we look forward to building on this success,” said Fabio Castro, ICM Project Manager

Joerg Scheuer from Munich Airport’s Terminal and Operational Planning said of the trial: “We are really pleased with how the ICM bag drop machines are working. Our passengers are quickly adopting to the process and overall we are seeing the benefits that these automated bag drop units deliver.”

ICM’s ABD units can be found in major airports across the globe including Auckland, London, Milan, Minneapolis, Munich, Paris and Singapore amongst many others.