Fast Processing on First Belt

Bag is fully processed on the scale conveyor. This means that the bag does not have to move onto another conveyor or a door does not need to close for the bag to be processed read, weighed, measured, etc. Advantages are;

  • Faster transaction time
  • The passenger is able to intervene much quicker

Improved customer experience because the passenger knows that when their bag starts moving they can leave. This also removes any confusion about door closing or bags reversing because they were not processed successfully on a ‘second stage’ processing belt.

Non Conveyable 3D Analysis

The 3D scanners alerts customers of irregular items – soft bags, bags with trailing straps, strollers, etc. The 3D scanner can reduce the number of irregular items that enter the BHS and reduce outages and additional manual bag handling.

Advantages are;

  • Faster off-loading of bags reducing flight delays
  • The 3D scanner can prevent the passenger from placing their bag in an upright orientation so as to reduce requirement for mechanical knock-overs
  • Verification of damaged luggage claims

Easier Side Loading

Traditional check-in involves loading the bag from the front of the conveyor.

The Series 5 &7 Auto Bag Drop involves loading the bag from the side with a side-guard cut-out to ease the lifting process.

Advantages are:

  • Less bodily strain in loading bags onto conveyor- especially for older people
  • Easier loading for disabled people in wheelchairs

More Passenger Space

Space traditionally taken up by check-in desks is now available for passengers, providing a more comfortable environment.

Advantages are;

  • Improved customer experience
  • Better use of space between ABDs
  • Room to manoeuvre trolleys, wheelchairs

Free from Cross Traffic

Passenger dropping bag is shielded from cross-traffic.

Advantages are;

  • Reduces congestion
  • Improved customer experience
  • Passengers are protected from cross traffic accidents

Safe & Secure Virtual Box

The Auto Bag Drop uses patented technology to create a virtual box around the bag. If the passenger enters this virtual box while the bag is being dispatched then the bag will stop immediately and display a message on the monitor. Advantages are;

  • Protect the passenger from the moving belt
  • Prevents the induction of check-in baggage that does not have a valid bag tag
  • Prevention of Bag Weight Tampering

Non Intimidating Open Look

The open side belt layout provides an intuitive non-intimidating look for passengers to place their bags.

Advantages are;

  • Improved customer take-up
  • Easier for Agents to look after multiple units

Secure Dual Light Curtains

The light curtains are used to detect intrusion by persons or objects trying to enter the conveyor system via the Auto Bag Drops.

Advantages are;

  • Prevents intrusion into the baggage handling system
  • Protects children and adults from harm if they go through tunnel